Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My (disastrous) return to baking.

Sunday marked my much-anticipated return to baking. I'd given up my beloved hobby for Lent. Although I've sacrificed things like pop, TV, candy, etc. for Lent in the past, this really hit me hard. I love to bake. It's therapeutic, it's entertaining, it's satisfying.

So I was extremely excited when my baking ban was lifted and I could warm up the oven again. My husband and I decided to make an Easter brunch - just for the two of us - and I was in charge of cinnamon rolls and bacon. He handled the eggs.

So. The cinnamon rolls.

Long story short, I was working on getting other stuff ready and let the rolls stay in the oven for a few minutes after the timer went off. The timer had been set to the minimum amount of time, so I figured a few more minutes wouldn't hurt, right?

Yeah, not so much.

Tim said, "Uhhh, welcome back to baking?"

They were rather crispy. Luckily, they had icing slathered on them to mask the burnt taste, but we still knew. Sigh.

However, later that afternoon I gathered up the arsenal of supplies (seen below) I'd been stocking up on for the weeks. It was time to dive back in, and I was not just testing out the shallow end of the baking waters. Everything you see in this photo is going to be used in my first 10 days back on the baking saddle. Tune in to find out how ...


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