Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yum-Yum leftovers

My friend Kelly is an amazing cook. Whenever she and her boyfriend (also an amazing cook) invite us over for dinner, we jump at the chance. Mostly because we enjoy hanging out with them... but also because we know we'll have a really good meal.
Her vodka sauce is ridiculous. Mike drools at the mere mention of her chicken cutlets. I won't even tell you about her Italian wedding soup. You'd just be jealous.

Here she is in action, prepping an apple pie:

Meanwhile, her boyfriend, also named Mike, is a meat-cooking force to be reckoned with. He grills chicken just how I like it -- a tiny bit charred out the outside and juicy on the inside. Genius.
Thanksgiving at their place is a dream. My Mike eats enough to require him to lay on the floor for the rest of the night, while I concoct schemes to trick Kelly into giving me more apple sausage stuffing leftovers than the other suckers, er, guests.
Here is her Mike, getting in some quality basting time with his turkey:

So, obviously, when they invited us over for a Memorial Day bbq, we went.
It was the usual awesome spread: grilled chicken, hot dogs, pierogies, jalapeno coleslaw, baked beans. The moment we were as stuffed as humanely possible, Kelly began threatening us.
She’d made Yum-Yum Cake. It was an old family recipe. She had a whole pan of it. We’d better find room for it.
I didn’t even know what “Yum-Yum Cake” was, but I told her that would not be a problem. I suspected the cake would be good enough to justify the food coma it would induce.
And I was right. It was delicious. Yellow cake, topped with a mixture of pineapple, cream cheese, milk and vanilla pudding, and then topped again with whipped cream.
I even managed to score a couple pieces of leftover cake, pictured here:




oh...my...god....that was hilarious. Where is that tissue box? The happy tears are clouding my vision and I can't see the screen! I can attest to Kelly's wedding soup...deliciously divine but why have I not known about the yum yum cake??? A great name for a must-have family recipe. Michael, I so love that you are both silly and serious in the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home! I miss you both and I look forward to meeting Megan and Mike!


Kelly, this looks AMAZING. Thanks for making me drool on my keyboard, Meg.

Katie Nelson

Mmm... Can you score us Kel's recipe, pretty please?

Kelly Carr

Katie - recipe is on its way! And I'm making your muffins tonight. Can't wait.

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