Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lemon: Nothing!

We hope you enjoyed Lemon Week, our first themed week o' baking here at the blog. Many of you might have been too enthralled by our riveting lemon recipes to notice some small changes we've made, but we're working to make things prettier and more organized for our loyal readers. You'll see more of that in the weeks to come.

But right now, dear readers, we need your input in our latest poll, found at the top of the blog on the right. We're going to have another theme week in the near future, and we want your input on what it should be!

Would you like to see recipes with raisins? Are you nuts about nuts? Feeling a summer need for light, fluffy whipped cream recipes? Striving for healthier eating and baking? Or feeling like you need some more culture in your life and want to see recipes from all around the globe?

Vote. We'll listen!



Channels 80's game show "Press Your Luck": No raisins, no raisins, no raisins...



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