Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mini Strawberry Shortcakes

This weekend, I wanted a simple, refreshing dessert. One that did not require turning the oven on. It's hot here, you know. I know people say it's a "dry heat," but it sure hasn't felt like it this weekend. It's supposed to storm for the next five days, so the air is just about as thick and heavy as you can imagine. And the sun is brutal.


So when I came across those little pre-made dessert cups at the grocery store, I was pretty pumped. They were only $1.29 and have like 60 calories in them. I also grabbed a tub of fat free whipped cream and a carton of strawberries, and threw together this healthy but tasty dessert last night.

And the package came with six of those dessert cups, so we'll be having these a couple more times this week.

You could also throw some blueberries on there for a quick (yet patriotic) July 4th dessert. Who wouldn't want to chase a burger and some pasta salad with one of these babies?


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