Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rainbow on the Land cake

When I was home last month, my little brother and I baked together. Since then, he's been checking the blog for entries about our creations, and he's e-mailed me asking for my favorite recipe Web sites.

In one of his recent e-mails, Doug sent me a recipe HE had created. He said it was inspired by a rainbow he'd seen stretched across the lawn of our parents' house and named it the Rainbow on the Land cake.

He left a lot of room for creative adaptation, so I looked at what I had and thought about the end result and made a few modifications, which I ran past him. He dubbed me a genius (thankyouverymuch) and said he looked forward to the blog post.

My husband's coworker's benefited from this unexpected cake o' cheer. I benefited from the leftover Skittles :)

P.S. This is the 99th post for the East to West Bakers blog. Stay tuned for something special to celebrate our 100th post!

A cake mix, any flavor (I used Funfetti)
All ingredients needed to make cake as instructed
Green and blue food coloring

Doug's suggested directions:
1. Make cake using instructions on back
2. Let cool until room temp or slightly chilled
3. Scoop out just a little cake on the short side to make the river (1 inch)
Option- you could add milk to make cake more moist
4. Fill River using blue icing
5. Spread Green icing to make grass
6. Make rainbow
7. Set rainbow in middle of cake
8. Add trees, flowers if you want, enjoy!

My slight modifications without insightful comments:
1. Make cake as instructed on box.

2. Let cool completely. Mix most of your frosting with green food coloring; keep a small amount in reserve to mix with blue food coloring for the river.

3. Frost with green frosting, let frosting set.

4. Frost blue river with blue icing.

5. Place rainbow on cake.

Source: Little brother Doug


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