Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Have you all seen this story? Or similar stories?

Clearly, Meg and I are to blame. You cannot have Pumpkin Fridays on a blog without pumpkin, people! So if you are unable to make our delicious recipes because alas, we have used all of the world's pumpkin, don't fret - the recipes are timeless, and you can make them when the pumpkin supply returns to normal.

I urge you all to assess what kind of pumpkin needs you have for this holiday season and hurry to the grocery store to see what the supply is like in your area of the country. Be ahead of the baking curve!

I'm not going to lie - I did grin when I saw that I still have an extra can or two in the cupboard :) Maybe I should sell them on eBay and make some money for Christmas presents ...



Imagine my relief to find several cans left at Fry's yesterday. I got two, just in case. Phew.


Yeah, it doesn't seem to have hit us yet, but I grabbed three cans the other day, too :)

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