Saturday, April 3, 2010

Baking recommendation

Lately, I've been juggling three jobs, a class and my first pregnancy. That does not, however, mean I've lost my urge to bake, nor does it mean my coworkers expect less baked goods :)

I've found baking gold with the Ghirardelli brownies mixes, and conveniently, they're often on sale at my local grocery store. Combine that with the occasional coupon I get to buy them, and there is really no reason to *not* bake from this mix every once in a while. I've tried at least two varieties of the brownies (and they were met with huge amounts of praise by those who consumed them) and have a chocolate chip cookie mix in my cupboard that I'm eager to try.

The flavor is rich, the brownies are moist, and the chocolate is AMAZING.

(Meg and her husband walk up the hill to Ghirardelli Square)

It also reminds me of the trip Meg and I took last summer with our husbands ... we went to San Francisco and were sure to stop by and get something at Ghirardelli Square :)



Sigh. Can we go back to San Fran? Please?

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