Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A fairytale birthday

My sister-in-law has me figured out. Know how I know? Cuz when I got home from work on my birthday, a box was waiting for me.
Not just any box.
This box:

Have you ever had one? They. Are. Amazing. Mike once brought half of a caramel one home from work for me. He ate the first half and realized it was something I needed to try. (You can see why I married him.)
The inside of the box is even more exciting than the outside of the box:

You can only see four flavors here. Once upon a time, there were eight. But I ate the "original" flavored one when I opened the box on my birthday. Quality control, of course. Had to make sure they arrived in good condition, you know.
Then it was the raspberry brownie's turn. Chocolate chip didn't stand a chance. And caramel is chillin' in my fridge, awaiting its fate. (Ok, full disclosure: Since taking the photo above, I've also demolished toffee crunch.)
Meanwhile, the rest are going in my freezer to stay fresh. Yes, you can freeze them. Not only can you freeze them, but the lovely people at Fairytale Brownies tell you exactly how to take care of your treats:

They are wonderful people. My sister-in-law is pretty awesome, too.


Hilary L.

Hi! I came upon this great post in a Google search and really enjoyed reading it. You seemed to genuinely enjoy the Fairytale Brownies and that is awesome. Also taking the time to take these fabulous pictures of the real-deal as it arrives at your door was great. We here at Fairytale Brownies love hearing true customer/giftee comments and experiences. Thank you very much for sharing your positive experience with all of us on cyberspace :)

Fairytale Brownies Web Team

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