Sunday, June 21, 2009

A match made in (heaven) the kitchen

While I baked all last weekend (Boston Cream Pie! Peasant Boule!), Mike was busy with some food prep of his own.

I peered out from under my pile of flour occasionally to document what he was up to. Here he is, on his side of the kitchen, cooking up some spinach for... wait for it...

Spinach and cheese enchiladas. He's made chicken and cheese enchiladas many times, but opting for spinach this time was pure genius. (It was tasty, plus I was able to convince myself it was semi-healthy. Shhhh, don't burst my bubble.) He even makes his own enchilada sauce. *drool*

The finished product:

I tossed some refried beans into a saucepan at the last minute, and we had ourselves a feast. We make a good team.


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