Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another baby shower cake

A few weeks ago one of my husband's coworkers asked me to make a cake for another coworker, Erica, who is expecting a little baby girl any minute now. I agreed because I heart baking. Kelly told me the shower's theme would be either polka dots, daisies or birds/nesting. I had several ideas for the first two themes and one rather lackluster idea for the birds/nesting theme.

Alas, birds/nesting won. The color of the shower, Kelly told me, was Tiffany Blue (I had several moments of enjoyment while trying to explain to Tim, my husband, what Tiffany Blue is exactly). I started brainstorming and finally came up with the idea to have a two-tiered cake (my first tiered adventure!) and frost it with Tiffany Blue (or as close as I could get) buttercream. To bring in the birds/nesting theme, I used a rather poor hodge-podge Haystack recipe to make a nest. I molded the nest by keeping in a regular ceramic bowl, and when the morning of the shower arrived, I put the nest on top of the cake and placed Jordan Almond "eggs" inside.

For my first tiered cake, I think it turned out pretty well (mostly meaning "Hey, it didn't collapse!"). Everyone at the shower seemed to like it, and while it was not my best work, I was happy with the challenges it presented.


Drew Watts

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