Monday, July 20, 2009

Meg and I post a lot about Operation Baking Gals. Because it involves baking. Because it involves doing something good. Because it's something so simple, so fun, so inexpensive, that can bring so much happiness (and yummyness!) to someone who is serving our country.

Operation Baking Gals is celebrating its one year anniversary. Here are some fact about the organization from Lyndsay, the group's leader:

* We have shipped to 97 different members of the military –NOT to mention all the friends they shared all the goodies with. PLUS 3 rounds of shipping to those recovering in Bethesda. PLUS all of the private groups that have since spun off and are “doing their own thing” with us.

* We have had roughly 1400 participants on record. I imagine this number is more realistically around 3000-4000 because there are quite a few people who never officially sign up on the site but contact the leader, and a lot of times there are multiple people baking, but only one of them has signed up.

Those numbers are astounding.

Signups for Round 11 of Operation Baking Gals are currently underway. Shipping dates for this round are August 3-12. There will be no Team East to West Bakers in this round, but I encourage you to sign up for a team.

We're planning to lead a team again for Round 12, and while we've started a list of soldiers to send to, we're always looking for more for future rounds! If you know of anyone serving in the military, please contact us!

Be sure to check out the Operation Baking Gals site to find out how to participate in some giveaways in honor of the anniversary.

Operation Baking Gals can be found all over several social networking sites, too. To follow them and get the latest updates, become a member of the Facebook group or add them on Twitter:

* Don’t forget to join the facebook page! (

* If you use twitter, follow us! @bakinggals


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