Monday, August 10, 2009

A sweet thank you

Meg and I have been baking for Operation Baking GALS for three rounds now, including the most recent one we participated in, when we led a team.

During Round 10, we baked for Sarah, a soldier from Ohio serving in Basra.

And bless her heart, Sarah was the first soldier we've heard back from! It was amazing to get a thank you note from her, and it completely made my day.

Sarah said she's been in Iraq for 10.5 months and hope to come home this month. She works in the medical company for an infantry brigade and deals primarily with public health issues and environmental threats, which she says keeps her busy.

She's looking forward to returning to the states and really appreciated the cookies. It always feels good to do something simple like make and ship the cookies for the soldiers - those who are doing so much for our country and others, who are away from their families and homes - but it was extra special to get a thank you and know that it was appreciated. Thanks, Sarah!


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