Thursday, June 25, 2009

Operation Baking GALS -- Join our team!!

After two rounds of participating in Operation Baking GALS, Kristin and I have decided to lead our own team.

We've located a soldier, and now we need your help.

Operation Baking Gals is a nonprofit organization that brings bakers together from across the country to bombard soldiers overseas with cookies. Our team will be baking for Lt. Sarah Barbo, who is from North Royalton, Ohio (very close to where Kristin and I both grew up).

The mother of one of Sarah's friends said this about her:

"Sarah is the platoon leader of an approximately 16 member medical platoon that has been in Iraq since last Sept., and as the British moved out of Basra, her group moved into there. We know Sarah as a family friend, because her family adopted one of our foster kids and she and my daughter, Mary, both did ROTC at Univ. of Dayton together and became best friends. She is a great person, who early on asked family and friends to write to her platoon because many never got any mail. "

This is where you come in. We need people to join our team, so that Sarah and the other soldiers in her platoon get some much-deserved snacks and reminders of home.

Signing up is easy. Just go to, sign in (or create an account if you don't have one -- it's easy and free), and then register with Team East to West Bakers by clicking on "Join a Round 10 Team Here."

Also, visit "Round Ten - Meet the Teams" for more information on Sarah and how to participate. You can ship cookies for this round any time from July 1 - 11. Once you sign up, we'll send you an email with Sarah's address and all the information you need on how to ship your goodies.

Kristin and I have each done this twice, and I promise you it's very easy (and affordable). There is a special flat shipping fee for sending packages to the military (explained in the FAQ on the baking gals Web site), so you can do a lot of good for a little cash.

Read about our past Baking Gals experiences here and here.

Questions? Feel free to email me at or Kristin at


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