Saturday, May 2, 2009

Calling all Baking Gals

My spring class ends on Wednesday. On Saturday, I will hike deep into the Grand Canyon, marking an end to months of training and fundraising.
And that whole next week, I'm off work on a combination of vacation and furlough days. WhatEVER will I do with myself?!
I've got plans to give my condo a major spring cleaning. And my parents are coming into town later that week, so I'll bake some snacks for them (I'm taking requests, Mom).
But that isn't enough to keep me busy all week. So I signed up for Operation Baking GALS.
The program brings teams of bakers together from across the country to pick a soldier stationed overseas, and bombard him/her .... with cookies.
The cookies brighten up the soldier's day with a little piece of home, and it reminds them how much we all appreciate their service. Kris and I both signed up for Heather's team (of the Heather Drive blog). She gives more details about the program here. Shipping dates for Round 8 of the operation is from May 4 to May 13.
We are baking for a soldier named Christian, who is serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq. (Info about Christian is here.)
Doesn't it sound like fun? Go sign up!


Kelly Carr

What a cool idea. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure this will pick up the spirits of our soldiers. What could be better than baking for a good cause?

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