Thursday, September 17, 2009

Award-winning cakes

My friend and former college dorm suitemate Claudia sent me an e-mail full of photos a few weeks ago. She's decorated cakes and baked creations before, but I was in awe of these baked goods, which she entered in the Canfield County Fair (the largest county fair in Ohio). She won one first prize and two third prizes.

3rd place: I was baffled by this one and had no idea how she made the grilled cheese sandwiches look so much like grilled cheese. Apparently she sliced a pound cake, buttered it and actually fried it just like you would a real grilled cheese sandwich. The cheese is orange frosting. I just want to eat it. Now.

1st place: The complexity of this cake impresses me. Knowing how hard it can be to make a tiered cake and how long it can take to color so many different segments - whether you use fondant or buttercream - makes me think Claudia spent a good deal of time on this one.

3rd place: I have to wonder if the inspiration for this cake might not be one of our other college suitemates, Kristine, who is eight months pregnant :)

I'm so proud of Claud and her awards! And really, really hungry for cake.


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