Monday, October 19, 2009

A visit from a friend (and more things pumpkin-related)

My friend Lesley came to visit me recently for several days. We shopped, we got pedicures, we watched football and we had some wine at a local wine bar. It was a fun time. Here we are, on our "ladies night."

Being one of my oldest and best friends, she knows (and shares in) my love of all things pumpkin. That is why she, being the awesomely amazing person she is, brought me pumpkin spice coffee. And it's why when we happened past Sprinkles one afternoon, we knew we had to stop in on a whim, in case -- please God -- they would happen to have pumpkin cupcakes that day.

Have you ever had a Sprinkles cupcake? If not, you must. They are stupidly expensive ($3.50 for a cupcake? Wha?) and worth every darn cent.

And they had them. Bless them. I think I used up a large chunk of my good karma on that one.

So we went back home, brewed some pumpkin spice coffee, lit a Mexican Pumpkin candle, ate our pumpkin cupcakes and pretended like it wasn't 102 outside in the middle of October. What a great afternoon.

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