Thursday, July 29, 2010

The winds of change...

As many of you know, Kristin and I are both expecting our first babies soon. Very soon in her case... any day now! I've still got several weeks to go, but the due date is fast approaching.

The impending newness (stress?) of motherhood has gotten us talking about what we want to do with this blog. We both maintain baby/family blogs to keep our families, who live far from us, in the loop on all things pregnancy and baby-related. And my summer work schedule, plus the exhaustion that can come from pregnancy, has left me baking less. Well, maybe I'm not even baking less, but I'm being less adventurous. I've been making whatever I'm craving, and that's usually old tried-and-true recipes that I've already introduced you to.

But we love to bake, we love to eat, and we love blogging, so rather than giving it up, we thought it might be time to expand our focus a bit. We still plan to bake as much as our new babies will allow, and we'll be sure to post the recipes when we do. But we're also going to talk about other food-related topics. We'll show you how we throw together easy dinners for our expanding families (or how our husbands do!). We'll explore baby food topics (we both plan on making our own). We'll let you in on good restaurants we discover (or, more likely, fun take out options). Basically, we'll transition the blog from all things baking to all things food. But we're keeping our name... because first and foremost, we really are bakers at heart.

We'd love your feedback. Are there any food topics related to first-time motherhood that you're interested in reading about? Maybe you have some tips for us on how to teach your kids to behave in restaurants (I'm all ears). Let us know what you think!



Whew! for a minute there I was thinking there would be no more blog. And that would be sad. I am a few years away from being a mom (if it even happens, that is) but I am always up for new and easy recipes. Maybe on the healthier side? Low calorie but tasty recipes.


Great idea, Shannon! I'm always looking for ways to make stuff a bit healthier, too. I'll pass along whatever tips I can!

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