Friday, April 24, 2009

Sprinkles, Sprinkles, Everywhere!

I have a problem.
Or maybe I should say, my Mom has a problem. A Sprinkles Problem.
There's a store out in the Amish country of Ohio that sells every type of sprinkle in any shape you can imagine.
And she likes to buy them for me.
She's trying to cut back. But sometimes... she just can't help herself, and I find myself making room in my baking cabinet for another plastic container.
I've got all kinds: cows, black cats, pink breast cancer ribbons, candy canes, an assortment of barnyard animals, dinosaurs. Yes, I said dinosaurs.
I used to cover the education beat as a reporter. Therefore, I have school bus and ABC sprinkles:

My parents love all things Disney. So naturally, I have Mickey head sprinkles:

I have to admit. When I frost up some cupcakes or cookies, it is really fun to pull them all out and try to decide which container to dive into. In fact, I am thinking about baking something this weekend just so I can use my pastel star sprinkles.
When I evaluated my collection the other day, I noticed which sprinkles in particular I seem to be drawn to. Particularly, anything fall or halloween related, and anything with hearts or a Valentine's Day theme. But apparently I don't frost many Easter-related baked goods, cuz I have an abundance of Easter egg sprinkles.
Dare I tell her that I'm running low on football helmet sprinkles?

Or would that just encourage her?



They drove out there this past Saturday for pretzals, I have no doubt they'd go just for football helmet sprinkles.


Their excuses get weaker and weaker with every passing year.


This is really cool. I love sprinkles, yet have none. I think I need to get going on my own collection. Maybe you can give your mom my address :)


I am so heading out to Amish this weekend...sprinkles for everyone!

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