Friday, July 24, 2009

Operation Baking Gals followup!

We had a lot of generous people sign up for the first Operation Baking Gals Team East to West Bakers group, and we've received e-mails from some of them telling us about their experience baking for the troops. Caroline, who blogs at the Daily Blue Plate Special, blogged about her first time baking for the organization. She originally intended to only join one team, but she was drawn to our soldier, Sarah:

Originally I was only going to do one box since this was my first time,
but I later stumbled on a post from Team East to West Bakers.
This team was supporting Lt. Sarah Barbo who is originally from North Royalton, Ohio.
I'm from Ohio, and our adoption agency we used for our two older sons is in North Royalton.
I guess with my logic, that practically makes us family!!

Thanks for joining and sharing, Caroline!

Another team member, Lisa, e-mailed me and shared what she sent Sarah. Lisa forgot to take a picture of the loot, but here's the list of what she sent:
Cookies & Cream rice krispie treats
peanut butter cookies
oatmeal craisin cookies
drink mix packets
word search book
sunflower seeds
cheese/cracker packs
granola bars
lip balm
swedish fish

Thanks, Lisa!

Round 11 is currently open over at Operation Baking Gals. Shipping dates for this round are August 3-12. Team East to West Bakers is going to sit this one out because of crazy hectic schedules, but I encourage you to sign up for a team.

We're planning to lead a team again for the next round, and while we've started a list of soldiers to send to, we're always looking for more for future rounds! If you know of anyone serving in the military, please contact us!


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