Friday, October 23, 2009

Pie Pops

My friend Darla sent me a link to these cute pops a few weeks ago. I was intimidated but intrigued. Then I found a simplified version posted a few weeks after that and knew I'd be making them. Darla made them before I did (and has made them several times since!) and stressed using lots of egg white (to make them prettier) and to utilize the cornstarch tips (the Luxirare link has been updated with answers to some FAQs).

I struggled finding the perfect size for the cookie cutter - my shapes were either too small for filling or too big to stay on the stick. But they taste amazing regardless, and they were a huge hit.

I ended up with a lot of extra pie filling (I used a total of four pre-made crusts and two cans of filling - cherry and pumpkin) but they were perfect - a whimsical hint of fall's pies, which excites me to no end. The reason I include them in Pumpkin Friday is because the pumpkin truly was the superior flavor. And for someone who can simply not get enough pumpkin pie (I think I've bought at least ten cans of pumpkin already this fall), these are amazing.

I hosted a jewelry party when my friend Lindsey was in town last month and made the pops. They were a hit, even though I ended up taking a lot of them off the stick. The biggest complaint Darla and I have about them are that they are time-consuming, but they are so adorable that it's easy to forget that fact. Until the next time you make them, when you remember all over again :)

And normally I would put the exact, thorough recipe here to make the pops. But seriously, Bakerella explains them clearly. I'll summarize, but I encourage you to check out the above Bakerella and Luxirare links for clarification.

Refrigerated pie crusts
Pie filling (flavor(s) of your choice)
Egg white
Lollipop sticks (Wilton sells these)

Dust flour and/or cornstarch on your preparation area. Unroll your pie crusts. Using a cookie cutter, cut out pieces of dough.

Place one piece of cut-out dough on cookie sheet.

Place a small spoonful of filling on the dough. Place stick on dough/filling area.

Cover with another piece of cut-out dough. Seal edges gently.

Brush dough with egg whites.

Bake at 375 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

My notes:
Be careful of the size of your cookie cutter. If your cut-out dough is too large, it will fall off the stick. If it's too small, you won't be able to fit any filling on the dough, and it will also take you FOREVER to use up all the dough.

And again, the cornstarch and flour will help make your pie crust cut and come up easier. Keep in mind, though, the more you handle the dough, the harder it gets to rework it. The egg white will make your pops brown and pretty.

Source: Bakerella and Luxirare


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