Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Baking Gals time again!

We're gearing up for another round of Operation Baking Gals. Kristin has led several rounds for us, including the last round, where she made Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread and I made Chocolate Chip Cake Bars for Josh.

Although I've loved being involved in each round so far, this one is especially close to my heart because we're baking for my friend, Russ. Russ attended Kent State with us and worked on the Daily Kent Stater student newspaper staff. He has served in the Ohio Army National Guard for 11 years, including a deployment to Iraq several years ago. Currently, he's in Hungary, leading a unit that is training with the Hungarian Guard. Eventually, both units will continue on to Afghanistan, where they'll serve as combat advisors to the Afghan National Army.

Russ is a strong, dedicated, all-around sweet guy, and this was his response when I told him we were going to bake for him:

"The fat kid in me is terribly excited at the prospect of your (team’s) cookies. You have no idea. No idea. There are 28 of us and 28 Hungarians and we’re living in a dorm-style barracks at a Hungarian military base that’s kind of out in the sticks. Food from home is wholly devoured instantaneously. I’d take video to prove it if I wasn’t worried about my camera getting eaten in the process."

If you want to help us brighten their day/week/month, go to the Baking Gals web site, create an account (it only takes a few minutes), and click on "Join a Round 14 Team Here." We are, of course, "Team East to West Bakers."

The shipping dates are Nov. 2 - 11. I'll be sending out an email with Russ' address on Nov. 1. If you've never participated before, do not fear! It's really very easy, and I am happy to answer any questions you have. There is also a "Newbie's How to Get Started Guide" on the site that can walk you through the logistics.

Happy baking!



I would love to take part in this. I'll go sign up with your team and send some sweetness to a soldier!


Thanks, Kate!!


I registered, but I guess I'm waiting for them to "review" my registration. Hopefully I'll get another confirmation email from them soon. This is a wonderful thing!


Yeah, they changed the website, so the registration process is a little different now. I think sign-ups for our team are "shut off" now (the new rules allow us to only have 20 members on a team), so if you can't get on our team, feel free to join any open team!

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