Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Operation Baking Gals time!

In June, we led a team for Round 10 of Operation Baking Gals. After a few crazy months in Bakingville, we're back to lead another team!

The soldier for this round is the brother-in-law of my college roommate, Kristine. I've known Kristine's sister, Kara, since she was probably 11. When she was in high school, she met Josh, and a few years after that, she married him :)

Kara and Josh live in northeast Ohio and have three children (Kohen, a preschooler who will celebrate his 5th birthday next month, seen in the photo above; Carter, a gorgeous little boy who passed away at 15 months old; and Kaelyn, a little girl born in January of this year who is always on the go).

Kara writes this about Josh:

"Josh joined the Ohio Army National Guard in September of 2006 right before Carter was born. He did it for the benefits for himself and his family. We knew the risks of him even only joining for 'part time'. Eventually we knew he would be deployed at some point. He started training in May of 2009 through Jjuly of 2009 and finally got sent over to Iraq. He is a mechanic in an engineer unit. He is ranked currently as a specialist. He is scheduled to come home somewhere around July/August of 2010. We pray for his safe return!"

(Photo above stolen from Kara's Facebook page from a trip
Kara and the kids took to visit Josh while he was training.)

Kara says Josh likes peanut butter, chocolate, candy, M&M's, cookies, brownies - pretty much anything. She adds that he is a human garbage disposal :)

This is our fourth time participating in Operation Baking Gals, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Signing up is easy. Just go to, sign in or create an account if you don't have one (it's easy and free!), and then click on "Join a Round 13 Team Here" to join our team (Team East to West Bakers).

Also, visit "Meet Our Round 13 Teams Here" for more information on Josh and how to participate. You can ship cookies for this round any time from October 1 - 12. A few days before the shipping dates, you'll receive an email with Josh's address and all the information you need on how to ship your goodies (be sure to check your spam folder, as the messages from the site sometimes go there).

This is very easy (and affordable). You can even just send some of the comforts of home if you don't bake (see the FAQ page on the Baking Gals Web site). There is a special flat shipping fee for sending packages to the military, so you can do a lot of good for a little cash.


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