Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cleaning up at the county fair

You know the kinds of friends that you've known forever and they still manage to surprise you? My dear old friend Claudia is one of those people. We met in high school - at a journalism camp, no less - and attended the same college, living together in a suite for the last two years. I never would have pegged Claudia for the type to bake and decorate elaborate, creative cakes and enter them in her county fair, but for the last two years, she has done just that and been quite successful. Last year, I blogged about Claudia's baking feats, and this year, she's excelled again.

Claudia participated in the Canfield fair, which is the second largest fair in Ohio and the fifth largest county fair in the country. Here are Claudia's award-winning entries:

Sponge Bob earned a first place finish.

As did the baby.

The grill, pinata and taco salad all earned second place honors.


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