Friday, July 17, 2009

Some farewell treats

It's my last week at The Arizona Republic. The past five years have really flown by.

I've been cleaning out my desk during the past couple of days and am amazed at how much random, unnecessary stuff one person can accumulate in such a small cubicle. Especially if that person is known for hanging onto stuff for much too long. I actually found my schedule for my first day of work back in June 2004.

And I've been clearing files off my computer, which, believe me, is quite the task. One file I'll be deleting -- my reporter headshot, shown on the left.

This job was originally only meant to be a 10-week fellowship on the business desk (Business? Huh? What was I thinking?), and somehow, it turned into much more and truly changed my life. I think what amazes me the most is that this job is the sole reason I packed up my Cavalier, pulled up my roots in Ohio and moved west. It was the only thing I had in Arizona. Now, I'm leaving the job, but I'm staying in the desert for so much more. I have a husband here, a home, good friends. I came for a job but found a life.

When my boss announced to my office that I was leaving, she said, "We'll miss her cookies... and her journalism." So this week, I've been filing my final stories... and I figured I should bake for my colleagues one last time.

I had leftover homemade cream cheese frosting that was begging to be used. And some spice cake mix in the pantry. So I figured this called for some frosted cake mix cookies!

Bye, guys. I'll miss baking for you and working with you.



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