Sunday, March 7, 2010

Two ovens, two buns

A few weeks ago, Kristin posted some very exciting news. She's pregnant and due in August with a beautiful baby girl! (I know she's beautiful because I've seen the ultrasounds, and it's already very apparent.)

Kris and I have stayed very close since college, despite living 1,000 miles apart. This is probably partly because we have very similar personalities and goals and morals. It's probably also partly because our lives have taken us on strangely similar paths at strangely similar times.

Shortly after college, we both moved far away from our families for jobs at large, reputable newspapers (she brought her then-boyfriend-now-husband with her; I met mine when I arrived). I became engaged in October of 2007; she became engaged just a few weeks later in November. I was married in September of 2008; she was married 6 weeks later in November.

Planning the weddings together was amazing. We could talk endlessly about weddings without annoying each other (or our other friends). We could bounce ideas about invitations, photographers, flowers, and music off each other and know that we would get an honest, thoughtful opinion each and every time.

I was beyond thrilled to find out Kristin was pregnant and secretly hoped we would get to continue our tradition of experiencing huge life changes together. Six weeks later, I got my wish!

Yes, the first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant was a Cleveland Browns pacifier and a Philadelphia Eagles bib. Our kid will have no choice but to learn to love football. I wonder if I should start looking for a tiny mixing bowl, too?

Here's my little football fan at 10 weeks:

I'm now about 13 weeks pregnant, due in mid-September. And it's great to be several weeks behind Kristin, who gives me warnings about what I'll soon experience and will also talk to me endlessly about cribs, strollers, daycare and cloth diapering.

I hope this post also explains why my baking has tapered off a bit in recent months. I've *wanted* to bake... I've just been too darn tired. But my energy is returning now, and with the arrival of my amazing new oven, I hope to get back into the swing of it very soon!



Yippppeeeeee! So excited for you guys :)

Katie Nelson

Ha. Can so relate. I just cooked dinner for the first time in MONTHS. Besides pregnancy making me way too tired to cook, the smells of every ingredient totally grossed me out! So glad that phase is (fingers-crossed) over now! Very happy for you all. Love from NYC.

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