Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Light and refreshing

Every year around this time, tons of strawberries descend upon our grocery store and suddenly become dirt cheap. Now, we normally eat organic produce of nearly everything in which we consume the skins (apples, tomatoes, etc).

But I just can't pass up 88 cent strawberries, so I wash them reeeeeaaallyyyy good, and tell myself it's worth it. And oh, is it. They. Are. So. Good.

Whenever I see strawberries, I immediately think how good they are with those little shortcake dessert cups you usually find hanging out near the strawberries. Combine that with the fact that I had a coupon for whipped cream, and Mike and I had a low-calorie and refreshing dessert for three nights in a row!

I made them last year, too. And that post reminded me that if you threw some blueberries on there, it would make a cute little patriotic dessert for Memorial Day or July 4th.

Oh, and once we used up all the dessert cups, I still had whipped cream left over. I canNOT let whipped cream go to waste. So this week, we bought some more strawberries, and a pre-made angel food cake caught my eye. A slightly different version of the same dessert was born:

Mike loves these. Every time I make him one, he sighs happily and says, "So refreshing!!" It is in the 90s out here after all - and possibly hitting 100 this week?! Boooooo.



We used the dessert shells a few weeks ago, too (at the peak of Florida strawberry season). Mmmm ...

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